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Face Masks
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This health care particulate respirator and surgical mask helps provide respiratory protection against certain airborne biological particles. It is disposable and fluid resistant to splash and spatter of blood and other infectious material.

Face Shields

High fluid splash resistance passes ASTM’s highest level of protection. Helps reduce patient exposure of microorganisms and helps reduce the potential exposure of the wearer to blood and body fluids.

Isolation Gowns

The AAMI Level 3 isolation gown for the right procedure so that your choice in barrier protection becomes as intuitive as the care you dedicate to patients.

EZE Kleen

100% Touchless foot pedal activated hand sanitizer dispenser stand.

Hand Sanitizer

Never be without protection! Shield your hands from germs and infection by killing 99.99% of germs with our hand sanitizer that meets W.H.O. guidelines. 

Custom Plexiglas

Clear Plexiglass Table Divider to partition a table into 4 or more isolated seating areas. The transparency of the high quality plastic table divider allows for great visibility and face-to-face interaction while maintaining physical separation.

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At AMT Medical Group we deliver the PPE Supplies You Need — When You Need Them — At Prices that are Fair — From Right Here in the United States.

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We are here to support the requirements of the communities and businesses to keep up with the new health requirements and safety.
We are a storefront for direct sales and worldwide delivery of PPE, orders tailored by the customer to fit your individual needs, shipped to your door fast.

We offer fast, pinpoint delivery of vital PPE to the frontlines where it is needed most.

AMT Medical Group only sources from NIOSH Standard, CDC Certified, FDA Approved Factories, Manufacturers and Suppliers. Our Made in the USA, Made in North America PPE and our Imported PPE are held to the highest standards of International Certifications and then tested again. 

AMT Medical is registered with the State of New York: 70FA2020R11

AMT Medical is registered with the State of Michigan: VSO153754